Komma Ramesh Babu

Preparing for the SATs and handling the English component gets very challenging. Everything seemed simple and straightforward in the beginning but never was, unfortunately, as I progressed. Cracking the SATs requires a different mindset and an approach which many can’t handle on their own. We will need some smart advice, strategic preparation, and solid support. Thanks to Fast Prep and especially Suresh sir, for helping me pursue the journey to success. They might be catalysts for a few or an anchor for many but, no matter what situation you are in, they are the best in preparing you to reach the finish line. Even though I had a good background in English, working my way through reading comprehension passages and the method of testing for the exam got me puzzled every time. Suresh ensured that we practice until we get it accurately and consistently. Explaining different tactics and being open to new strategies to approach various problems is one unique quality that many instructors failed to understand. I am lucky to have worked with such comprehensive people. In my opinion, Fast Prep is not all about the speed and results but the accuracy and process in order to achieve success. I am very delighted and thankful to work with them and, I am confident they will ensure you reach the highest possible.