Our Team

Suresh Daniel

Founder & Chief Mentor

Suresh Daniel Jones is the Founder and has 20 years of Training and Leadership Experience. Before founding Fast Prep Academy, He headed as a Chief Mentor for a prestigious Academy in Dubai. He is a Certified Kaplan Master Trainer from the USA and a passionate visionary.

Bairapaga John

Digital Marketing Head ( Co Founder )

John is the Co-Founder of Fast Prep Academy. He is a visionary and dedicated professional with artistry in Digital Marketing. He is Digital Marketing Professional Author, Speaker, Trainer, Blogger, and YouTuber with an MBA from the prestigious B-School from Hyderabad.

Sunitha Daniel

Designated Parnter ;Head of Operations & Accounts

Sunitha Daniel is a punctilious visionary and oversees the department of Accounts and Operations. She has ten years of teaching and leadership experience.

Dr. Parikipandla Sridevi

Chief Advisor- Academics

Assistant Professor Dept. of Biotechnology Faculty of Science Indira Gandhi National Tribal University Amarkantak, MP, India

Ishmael Zabi

Head of Sales & Strategic Management

Ishmael leads the entire department and structures the whole organization’s functions. A person with high business acumen, a customer-centric attitude, and a great listener.

Rakesh Bandari

SEO Strategist

¬†Website Managing, analyzing, reviewing, and executing the changes related to the website to get it optimized for the search engine to improve the website’s search engine rankings and to capture more organic traffic.

Bairapaga Dayaker

Graphic Designer

Dayaker is a crafty Graphic designer. He designs graphics for use in media products such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media concepts.

Adira Santhosh

Video Editor

Santosh is a professional Video Editor and oversees the entire team of the marketing department. He is dedicated and comprehends the trends of the Business World.

Shruthi Daniel


Shruthi is currently interning to comprehend the Psychology of standardized test aspirants. Deals with content and blog articles.