GMAT Verbal Section Breakdown

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) is a test that measures the candidate’s understanding of the verbal section. The verbal section of the exam measures the candidates ability to read and understand written communication.To understand the meaning of each question type in the GMAT Verbal section, you have to know how to closely analyze each sentence. This is the first step in preparing for the test, but to understand all of the sentences, you need to know how to break down each question into smaller pieces based on its structure.Let us work on how to score better on the verbal section.

GMAT Verbal Section Breakdown is an aid for prepping for the GMAT Verbal section of the test. The best resources provided by GMAT verbal are lists like the ones provided by MBA.COM, however, they can be a bit overwhelming and often contain too much information. The purpose of this article is to provide you with GMAT verbal section breakdown in a much easier way to understand format than what is provided on the official site.

GMAT verbal section Breakdown

How many GMAT questions are in the verbal section?

The GMAT Verbal Section is devised to test the knowledge of standard written English, skillfulness in scrutinizing arguments, and critical reading proficiency. The verbal section consists of 3 typical question types:
1) Sentence Correction
2) Critical Reasoning
3) Reading Comprehension

Time: 65 minutes
Questions: 36
Examines: Reading Acumen, English Grammar, Critical Reasoning

How many GMAT questions are in the verbal section

There are 36 questions in the entire GMAT verbal section. Students need to solve these questions within 65 Minutes.These 36 questions further fall into the category of Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning.The maximum weightage is given to the Reading Comprehension question types.

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GMAT Verbal Section: Sentence Correction

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Highlight sentences and go over reading to improve your grammar and sentence structure analysis. The best way to memorize grammar rules is to think of them as puzzles and practice applying them.The best way to improve your English grammar is to practice the rules under different scenarios and different kinds of writing. Let me inform you that GMAT sentence correction is not just about Grammar but rather logical application. Our master trainers will help you apply all the rules logically.

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GMAT Verbal Section: Reading Comprehension

Gain the ability to understand and analyze the information in the sentences you read using only words and phrases. Simple drills will help you learn high-yield strategies like paraphrasing, chunking, and compression, while hard puzzles will help you master new grammar structures like idioms, tenses, and prepositions. Your GMAT Verbal score can skyrocket with our highly effective practice materials that cover every question type in detail!

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GMAT Verbal Section: Scoring

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GMAT Prep Resources

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What’s Tested On The GMAT Verbal Section?

The GMAT Verbal section is comprised of the following question types:

1. Sentence Correction Questions
2. Reading Comprehension Questions
3. Critical Reasoning Questions

How to prepare for the GMAT Verbal section?

Finally, for those who are preparing for the GMAT Verbal, we have wrapped all the components of the GMAT test into one article to help you score the highest possible score. We cover all the necessary aspects such as Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, and Sentence Correction through our courseware so that you can practice each section at least ten times and make sure that you are ready for the GMAT.

Frequently Asked Questions - GMAT Verbal Section

Tips :
– Use the official gmat study guide.
– Read your test questions before you take the test.
– Take a break every hour or so.
– Don’t use any notes during the test, just look at your question and answer choices.

– If you want to improve your GMAT score, you should spend more time studying math.
– If you want to improve your GMAT score, you should spend more time studying reading comprehension questions. These two are the scoring areas for the GMAT.

Our classroom strategies have helped so many GMAT aspirants in the past. They have achieved 700 plus in their first attempt. We encourage using GMAT OGs.

Register yourself in the GMAT club for free resources. You could also get the required materials for the entire prep after enrolling with us.

Take sectional tests.
– Use a timer.
– Make sure you have enough time to complete the test.
– Set aside a specific amount of time for each section.
– Make sure you are comfortable and relaxed before starting the test.

Scoring 40 plus in the verbal section is considered as the best score. It’s finally here! The GMAT verbal section can be a bit challenging, but with the right preparation, you will be able to master it. Prepare today to get an unbeatable score on the verbal section of the GMAT.

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