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Why take the SAT Exam?

About SAT Coaching Online:

SAT comprises the trifecta of topics, and we provide the best SAT coaching at the most reasonable rates. Do not rule out our rigorous but fun-filled SAT coaching that helps you to improve your skills, and we promise that we will explore all parts of SAT scoring sections. SAT is a test for which there is no negative answer. Get prepared and hit the board!

SAT coaching is quite a daunting task for many students. Not only SAT is difficult to prepare for the test; it takes a lot of time and effort to even get into the habit of studying. This results in most students falling short of scoring well in the SAT. At Fast Prep Academy, we have a complete SAT coaching system that will help you pass the SAT with flying colors.

What is the SAT?

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is an important assessment for students who wanted to get into undergraduate courses in top universities of the world. The college board conducts the SAT test five times in an year. Most students who are determined to study in the USA start their  SAT coaching a year before the last year of their high school. 

SAT Preparation/coaching online:

SAT coaching is a necessity for any student applying to a selective university. Students can understand how to score 1500 plus and target the best universities with SAT coaching. Fast Prep Academy has developed the most effective and advanced style of SAT coaching that has propelled thousands of students to achieve their goals with SAT prep courses and test prep programs.

SAT approach for scoring 1500 plus:

SAT was a big deal earlier, but now you have a great chance to get it right. Our SAT trainers will take you through the entire process from the start of your SAT coaching to the final test. You can learn strategies  from our specialists. You can also work on every problem set to ensure you have the best shots at getting a perfect score.

SAT coaching is a lot of work, and that’s why Fast Prep Academy provides a full-service SAT prep experience. SAT prep plans designed by a team of teachers, academicians and digital strategists who have over a combined 20 years of experience in the test-prepping landscape. Fast Prep’s SAT prep plans are customized to help you perform your best on the test.

Early SAT Prep for 11 th graders:

Although SAT tests are still being administered to high school students in the schoolyard, it’s never too early to start preparing for them. Fast Prep Academy can take you through this next phase in your academic career with the best SAT coaching and test preparation material that’s available. From test-taking strategy to academic techniques, Fast Prep Academy can help you get ready for your SAT I tests in the safest, most efficient ways possible.

SAT Test Pattern:

There are five sections including the essay(Essay is excluded post pandemic) in the SAT. These sections are based on verbal and quantitative reasoning skills. The sections are not based on academics but are closely structured similar to academic English synthesized with logic.

The most compelling reasons for taking SAT coaching at Fast Prep Academy:

1. SAT coaching is a must for all students to crack the test.
2. We have a team of SAT experts who will guide you. through the entire process and make sure that you are prepared for every question.
3. Our highly qualified tutors will ensure that your score increases significantly.
4. The course materials provided by us are made up of authentic material which helps in improving your scores as well as increasing confidence levels.

SAT Exam Structure

Structure of the SAT™ Exam

The SAT Exam has separately timed sections. You will have the opportunity to take breaks during the exam.

SectionSub-SectionNo. of Questions
Evidence based Reading and Writing (Score range : 200-800)Reading Test52 (65 min)
Writing and Language Test44 (35 min)
Mathematics (Score range: 200-800)Math with Calculator20 (25min)
Math without Calculator38 (55min)
Total (400-1600)155 Questions

SAT Exam assesses those skills that matter the most in the Universities. The best part is that it is not an academic test. Using the critical thinking faculty, you can fetch a great score. However , you need the mentoring from the top percentile trainers to achieve 750+.

The SAT Exam has 3 main sections

Measures your ability to read and understand written material, to evaluate standard written English and to correct written material to conform to flawless sentence structures.

Measures your ability to analyze mathematical concepts such as algebra, problem solving and data analysis. 

Measures your ability to think critically and to analyze authors argument.

Why Us?

Brilliant Mentors

Our mentors are amazing educators who handle every session productively.

Small Groups

Every class is limited in size to have maximum focus on individual prep.

Excellent Curriculum

Our course curriculum is designed based on official prep materials to have outstanding results after coaching.

Interactive Classes

Our trainers make abstract topics into interesting modules with their highly interactive sessions.


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Most frequent questions and answers

Anybody who is aspiring to become a University  graduate can take this course. There are so many prestigious universities that accept SAT as the requirement. We advise students to start preparation from their 11 th grade. If you are in the last year of high school then gear up your preparation for the SAT. 

You must work on various other aspects to build your profile. 

We provide  both classroom training and online training. Due to pandemic, we are currently available for online training.

Online classroom is the new norm since 2020. We want our students to be safe and focus on their career. Let us break the chain of Corona outbreak by social distancing and aby avoiding gatherings. Say yes to online classrooms as responsible citizens.

The course prep is available both weekdays and weekends. If you need a fast track preparation you can finish in a months time. Weekend batches finishes their class room prep with in 2 to 3 months.

We have flexibility for the students to join both weekdays and weekends. Call us  or WhatsApp to know the exact day and timings. Reach us anytime on WhatsApp +91 8143 23 5592

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